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Speeding Violations and other Infractions

Traffic Infractions
Speeding tickets


Speeding Violations and other Infractions

The Attorneys and staff at Law Offices of Robert G. Greene Jr., PLLC, handle traffic violations including, but not limited to, speeding tickets, driving while license revoked, reckless driving, hit and run violations, all vehicle infractions, and any other violations involving the Motor Vehicle Code.

You need an experienced, knowledgeable attorney on your side to protect your legal rights and reduce the risk of fines, insurance premium increases, driver’s license revocation, or even jail time.  You should never simply pay off a traffic ticket without first contacting an attorney to discuss your rights and the potential consequences.

Attorney Greene is proud to have provided legal services to Northwestern North Carolina and the surrounding areas for nearly twenty years.  He is ready to put his knowledge and expertise to work for you, with the friendly and personal service you expect from a local, home-grown business.

Please contact our office with questions or to schedule a consultation or appointment.

Traffic Violations: Practice Areas
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